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Composites have been used for decades in the automotive industry.

They are extremely popular in race cars and supercars because weight reduction and aerodynamics are crucial in races.

Composites have become increasingly popular in the automotive industry.

The increase in popularity of composites being used is because of the benefits that can be achieved. 

Composites are lighter than steel; they can be made non-corrosive and chemical resistant.

 These benefits allow the car to be more lightweight, which contributes to better overall fuel consumption and helps with the increase in stricter CO2 regulations.


There is a massive increase in the use of composites in modern cars.

Some of the main attributes of electric vehicles are lightweight.

It can be made nonconductive, which is an excellent benefit for components around the battery, housing, and areas where the car’s high voltages cables run inside the car. 

Many parts are being made of fibreglass in modern vehicles.

The main uses are front and rear bumpers, bonnets, doors, side skirts, underbody trims/covers, interior trims, bulkheads, body conversions, battery boxes.

With the advances in technology, composites can be used in suspension, chassis, crash beams and many more uses.

And will continually be improved over time.

Parts we produce for the automotive industry

Exterior panels:

  • Front bumpers
  • Rear Bumpers
  • Side skirts
  • Front splitters
  • Body panels build into cars/ buses for conversions
  • Bumper panels with LED lights built-in
  • Custom panels made to specifications and your needs (colour/finish).

Interior panels:

  • Bulkheads
  • Trays
  • Seats
  • Side trim/panels with chargers built-in and light
  • Side trims with logo/name indented
  • Custom panels made to specifications and needs (colour/finish).
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