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Composite Mouldings

Swift Composites specializes in the manufacture of composite products.

We can create custom composite mouldings that meet your specific needs, no matter what dimension or weight.

Our skilled team of engineers can also assist you with designing and optimizing your project.

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Mould Design

Mould design is an essential and often overlooked aspect of any manufacturing project.

However, it can be the difference between a successful launch or one that falls flat.

With so many options available, selecting the suitable mould can seem overwhelming at times.

But there are some basic things to consider when designing your moulds for your new project:

What materials will you need?

How much time do you have to complete this project? 

Can you afford to create more than one prototype in case of errors?

All these questions should factor into the decision-making process when designing a mould for your product.

Ensure that all questions are answered before committing to anything, as these decisions could impact how long it takes and how much money is spent on production.

Mould Manufacture

Many companies use moulds to manufacture their products.

Mould manufacturing is a complicated process that requires skilled technicians and engineers to design the product.

The mould needs to be designed so that it can produce high quality, consistent parts for customers time after time.

Why composite mouldings are a good option.

Composites can be the perfect material for creating moulds.

Composites will not break like metal or stone, and they are lightweight, so it is easy to transport them.

It’s a cost-effective way to add surface detail and give an item a more attractive finish.

Moulded plastics can be made into any shape, size or colour you like!

The mould will last for many years without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Want to learn more about moulds and mouldings check out our patterns and moulds page.

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