Want to get your parts made in composites?

Have a part or mould you want to have made several times?

We can help!

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You have a part that needs to be reproduced?

If you show us the part, we can discuss if the part is suitable to be made with composites. If the part is suitable, we can take your part and reverse engineer it to make a mould so we can start reproducing the parts for you! If you would like to make design feature enhancements to the part, we can discuss this and develop a solution for you. We can also change the finish or the colour of the product to your required specification.

You have a mould and want to get parts produced?

You are ahead of the game. You can contact us to make sure the parts are suitable to be made in composites. If it is suitable, we can discuss how many you need and in a time frame that you require. If you require design feature enhancements to the part, we can discuss this. We can also change the finish of the product or the colour depending on your requirements.

Key features

Why choose Swift Composites?

Swift Composites team has vast experience designing, developing and making a finished product to the highest standard for our customers. 

We mass-produce products for companies in Ireland and also for exporting to other countries. 

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