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Machinery and Agricultural

Machinery use composites for safety guards for machinery and outer body panels and trims.
The benefits of using composites are extensive.

They are lightweight, strong, non-corrosive, chemical resistant, moulded to any colour or finish required, and mass-produced.

Panels can be made as one whole piece or broken up to make replacement easier and cheaper.

Trucks and Buses

Composites are used for trucks, buses, trams and train parts.

Composite parts make up many components in the land transport industry as every saving on weight, and the long life of the parts make them greatly beneficial.

The reduction in weight makes the vehicle lighter saves on fuel/energy costs and helps reduce the carbon footprint that they use.

As composites are naturally flame retardant, they are suited for vehicles and give an added benefit.

Composites are used for making bumpers, exterior body panels/ trims, covers, interior trims, seat bases, dashboards, trays, luggage holders, and various internal panels.  

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